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EBEC Greece

The 32 participants of EBEC Greece are top university students who won in each local round, by designing and manufacturing the best solution for a specific matter and by finding a theoretical solution to a real-life industrial problem. They will be again asked to use their technical knowledge and soft skills and to cooperate harmoniously in order to be distinguished again in the next round. EBEC Greece, VOL.11 will be hosted online, on 21-24 May 2021!

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Local Competitions
Winning Team in each category

BEST Αthens

Students οf the National Technical University of Athens, from all faculties and ages, have been acting successfully in the past 20 years both locally or internationally. With 80 events in its assets, both academic courses and engineering competitions, BEST promotes opportunities and activities within and outside the Greek borders and creates friendships where its members gain experience and acquire skills by working collectively and voluntarily. EBEC Athens is one of our biggest events throughout the year.Find out more here!

BEST Patras

Patra’s Local Best Group (LBG) was founded in 1990 and it was the first Greek LBG. Every year we are being organised numerous events which are open to more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students of University of Patras. LBG Patras, based on the team spirit of its hard-working members, organizes a number of events annually in cooperation with professors of University of Patras.Find out more here!


BEST Chania

The local BEST Group in Chania was founded in 1994. Since then, throughout the years BEST Chania has evolved a lot and has become one of the most successful local groups in BEST, having organized lots of successful and unforgettable events either academic such as Summer Courses or non academic such as various BEST conferences and cultural exchanges.Find out more here!

BEST Thessaloniki

BEST Thessaloniki became an active Local BEST Group of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1999, with the initiative of its students. Currently, it numbers 40 active members who voluntarily promote the vision and values of BEST, especially to the 10,000 engineering students of the Polytechnic School and all the students of the Aristotle University in general. Find out more here!